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  • Deanna Mccormack

You Think You Know Your Products? Think Again!

You think you know what is in your products, you think they are safe, or even better, improving you in some way? Take a closer look!

Lets face it, we can not live in a bubble, we are all exposed to toxins every day, from the water we drink to the air we breathe. We choose to not expose ourselves to harmful chemicals, carcinogens and neurotoxins in our food, cleaning products or bath and body products. For our health and the health of the planet.

Have we lab tested every ingredient of the products we use ourselves? Nope, but we have done our homework, found reliable sources and use the tools that are out there to help us navigate this world.

One of our favorite apps to choose safe bath and body products is Think Dirty. This app rates the individual ingredients, and the product as a whole on a scale of 1-10 for carcinogenicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity, allergies and immunotoxicities. We also like GoodGuide as an app or a website.

Many products that claim to be safe and all natural, even baby products have terrible ratings!

We have certainly whittled down the number of products we use, choosing only those that have great ratings, that work amazingly and are cost effective. There is a growing list of products we love on our product page at

Remember, your skin is an organ of absorption. Think of how a nicotine or nitroglycerine patch work. Just like medicines delivered transdermally, toxins in your bath, body and cleaning products are absorbed through your skin and hit your bloodstream without the benefit of your liver as a filter. Changing your product choices is a profound way to decrease your daily exposure to toxins that could be effecting your health.

Check out your products and see how they rate! You may find it appalling how the products you and your children are using rank. Make informed decisions and minimize the risk of health issues for you and your family, and the planet. Every change you make will help.

Make your own:

The raw ingredients of these products are all safe and many are actually beneficial to your health. They work better than anything I have ever purchased, seriously, they are amazing! Try them for yourself, you will love them!

ExistUp Body and Linen Spray and ExistUp Deodorant recipes coming soon!

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