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I can not say enough great things about turmeric.  If there is one thing I would recommend adding to your routine, it would be this.


Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is highly anti-inflammatory. We eat a lot of turmeric, but to ensure that we get enough, we take a curcumin extract supplement which includes black pepper extract to make it more bioavailable.


Curcumin beat ibuprofen in a peer reviewed medical study for alleviating knee pain as well as another peer reviewed medical study where it beat Prozac for treating depression! 

It has been shown to decrease inflammatory markers on blood tests, joint pain, blood pressure and cholesterol. You may find that this herbal supplement can replace half of your medicine cabinet with no ill side effects like liver damage.

Populations that consume high levels of  this powerful anti-inflammatory herb have a dramatically lower incidence of inflammatory diseases such as Alzheimers disease, heart disease and cancer.

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