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Nutrition Therapy

Learn the truth!

Learn how you can heal 

from the cellular level up!

What Is Nutrition Therapy?

What is ExistUp Nutrition Therapy

ExistUp Nutrition Therapy is an evidenced based, tailored life plan that includes the scientific facts about True Nutrition and how your body really works, from the cellular level up.  It includes a comprehensive plan that will guide you to recognize how to live to your fullest potential nutritionally, physically and emotionally. No matter how sick you are, how end stage you are, or what your diagnosis is, ExistUp Nutrition Therapy can help to bring back health.  If you feel you are running out of time, jump in with both feet. This is for those who are really ready to make the changes necessary to bring back health. It will provide the interesting and understandable education so that you can guide yourself to live healthier, to live toxin free, to potentially live free of medicine, to live disease free, to live with more emotional ease, to live happier, in every way ExistUp Nutrition Therapy can help you to Live to your fullest potential, and ExistUp.

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What Will I Learn?

Truth: Through ExistUp NT You Will:

  • Learn True Nutrition  and how to eat clean through ExistUp Reboot- The foundation of ExistUp NT. 

  • Learn how can still eat many of the foods you love with a few changes and adaptations that will bring about true health.

  • Learn what it means to bring health from the cellular level up rather than pushing the symptoms down with medicine to control the disease.

  • Learn what foods and herbs are medicinal and/or detoxifying.

  • Learn why toxins in our foods, body care products and environment are creating disease at the cellular level, the same place from which, if we correct the problem, true healing can occur! 

  • Learn about the only food that feeds cancer - right spin sugar, what that is, and how if you eliminate it from your diet you can starve cancer, maybe even to death! 

Truth: What diseases may be caused or made worse by inflammation and/or malnutrition?

  • Most forms of cancer

  • Alzheimers

  • Parkinsons

  • Diabetes 

  • Obesity

  • High Cholesterol (which is not really a “disease” at all!) 

  • Heart Disease

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome 

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 

  • Fibromyalgia 

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Ulcerative Colitis 

  • And the list goes on and on!  You name the chronic ailment and you can rest assured it is one of the inflammatory processes that are caused by malnutrition and exposure to toxins . They are called “disease” and you can stop creating them, and begin to heal at the cellular level, or actually the mitochondrial level,  with food!!!!

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Learn how ALL inflammatory “diseases”, no matter how end stage, can be controlled and cured, from the cellular level up, simply  by changing what foods you consume, what products you put on your body, and by improving your emotional environment!

There is hope! ExistUp Nutrition Therapy will give you the tools to regain your health so that you can begin to Live to your fullest potential, and ExistUp!

Is ExistUp Nutrition Therapy right for you?

Ask yourself the following questions to determine if Nutrition Therapy is appropriate or if ExistUp Reboot may be sufficient! 

Listen to your gut!  If your answers indicate that this is the change you have been looking for, ExistUp Nutrition Therapy is right for you!   


  • Have you been diagnosed with a serious or terminal illness?

  • Do you feel that if something doesn't change now your quality of life will decline until the end?

  • Do you take more than one pharmaceutical medicine that you wished you didn't need?

  • Do you feel that your medicines are making you feel worse rather than better and that they may not be leading to the cure you hoped?

  • Do you believe that supporting your body nutritionally could help you to get through your current treatment with more ease and strength?

  • Are you willing to do whatever is necessary to bring back your health, even if that means preparing your own food and monitoring all ingredients for at least the time it takes to regain strength and health?


ExistUP Nutrition Therapy $350
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Ask Yourself these questions to see if your answers indicate that ExistUP Reboot, the foundation of ExistUp Nutrition Therapy is right for you!

  • Need help navigating True Nutrition to  begin to bring about health, but feel ExistUp Nutrition Therapy may be a bit more intense than necessary for you?  

  • How long have you believed that this is what getting older is supposed to feel like?

  • How long have you believed that because your parents had heart disease, or your whole family has cancer, that you are destined to as well?

  • How long have you believed that the only option is medicine and the more you take, the more other pills you need to counteract the side effects?

  • How long have you believed that all of this change in food would be too difficult and you don't want to eat twigs and berries?

  • How long has it been since you lived to your fullest potential, how long has it been since you have been able to ExistUp?

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Do I Need NT?
Is ExistUp Reboot enough?

Learn what your doctor likely does not know about True Nutrition that can help you to regain health, with delicious food! 

Learn where it all began

Purchase ExistUp Nutrition Therapy - $350

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​Whats included:

  • 2 Hour One on One Intake History/ True Nutrition/ Emotional Clearing Appointment with Deanna McCormack

  • A Comprehensive Personalized Program sent to you within a week with links and resources to find what you need to succeed.

  • 1 follow up Life Coaching Conversation (20 minutes via text, email or phone)

  • ExistpUp Reboot - 28 Day True Nutrition Program 

  • Follow up life coaching  True Nutrition support  via phone, email or text $25/ 15 minute session 

Purchase Nutrition Therapy
ExistUP Nutrition Therapy $350
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