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ExistUp Reboot

28 Day True Nutrition Online Course with recipe book 

About ExistUp Reboot

About ExistUP Reboot

ExistUp Reboot is a 28 day clean eating, True Nutrition program. Through ExistUp Reboot you will learn what foods are toxic to your body. How to remove these toxins from your diet and your organ systems. You will discover true nutrition, micro-nutrition! This is the stuff very few people know about. You will discover what superfoods and super herbs are nutrient dense and healing.  You will learn the science behind all of it.


From this education you will find, and feel what fits in your life, for your health and the health of your family.

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The goal of ExistUp Reboot is to educate you so that you can Live to Your Fullest Potential, and ExistUp. This is more than just a diet, this is an education in your health from a cellular standpoint. ExistUp Reboot True Nutrition will be the first whole truth you have heard on this subject. You will know the truth when you hear it, and when you feel the changes in your body!  Hundreds of people who have completed ExistUp Reboot choose to continue the majority of it for life.


Caution: Weight loss, stable energy levels, wellness, satiation with food and joy are common side effects of ExistUp Reboot :-)


Learn the Truth about food so that you can Live to Your Fullest Potential, and ExistUp with ExistUp Reboot!!!

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  • Learn True Nutrition - Micro Nutrition aka vitamins and minerals

  • Learn Macro Nutrition - Fat, Protein, Carbs - But learn the TRUTH about them!!

  • Learn what foods are toxic to everyone, and what foods may be toxic to you, like gluten and/or lactose

  • Learn how food can be poison or food can be medicine

  • Learn how medicine may be poisonous if taken too long to stifle symptoms rather than cure the disease

  • Learn what healing from the molecular level, or even the mitochondrial level up, means!!!

Learn the following with ExistUP Reboot

What you will learn with ExistUP Reboot
Basket of vegetables
Reboot Your Life through ExistUp Reboot
  • While eating as much as you want

  • While eating foods that your are likely accustomed to with variations- such as making sure it is organic if it is from an animal, and NON-GMO if it is from a plant

  • While snacking at midnight on chocolate because it is good for you!!  But only ExistUp Reboot Raw Cacao Chocolate. Think 3 ingredient organic chocolate because it is the most nutrient dense food on the planet so it is medicinal

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What's included
Fruits and Vegetables in Kitchen
  • ExistUp Interactive website, to help you find and purchase the correct superfoods and super herbs from to kick off your new true nutrition lifestyle!

What's Included
  • 4 meeting videos that will educate you on foods that are toxic and how to truly eat clean

  • A PDF of the ExistUP Reboot Book that will guide you through ExistUp Reboot and provide delicious recipes

  • Email access to Deanna & Kiaran to answer questions you may have about ExistUp Reboot as we develop our FAQ page!

FREE!!! ExistUp Reboot
Enter your email to receive ExistUp Reboot, 28 Day Nutrition Program.  Free:-)

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Enter your email to receive ExistUp Reboot, 28 Day Nutrition Program.  Free:-)

ExistUp Reboot Testimonials

I am down 53 pounds now!  With PCOS, the struggle is with my skin and pain in my ovaries. Eating the (Reboot) way you taught me, the pain has gotten so much better and my skin has cleared up so much too!

~ "Alena"

My night sweats and heart palpitations subsided within one week of starting the Reboot.  I have less bloating, and the sluggishness I used to feel disappeared.  


I knew I needed to do something but was very apprehensive at the thought of eliminating so many of the foods and that were staples in my diet.   I was surely going to starve and would I be able to stick with it?  The first 3-4 days was tough, but after that it really was pretty easy.  Planning ahead for the week was an absolute life saver for me and in my opinion a must to be successful on this plan.  


My husband and I did ExistUp Reboot February 2016. Literally changed our lives. We learned so much from Deanna about food, ingredients, healthy eating and healthy living. We still use many of her recipes today and we are always looking for new ones. Thank you Deanna! We love you❤️
~ "Stacey"

When I signed up for my ExistUp Reboot class I was worried that it would be difficult to drastically change my eating habits. Being a busy, working mom, the idea of actually having time to focus on proper nutrition seemed unlikely. However, with Deanna’s instruction and her amazing cookbook, I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy it was to be successful. During the four week program, I lost 15 lbs and experienced significantly better sleep. I also noticed decreased inflammation in my joints and a noticeable decrease in sciatic pain. Post-reboot, I continue to follow the guidelines of the program and have experienced increased energy and continual weight loss. The food on ExistUp Reboot is amazingly flavorful and easy to cook. I am so happy to have found this program. It fits my lifestyle perfectly!
~ "Sarah"

I have struggled with sinus issues my whole life. The symptoms pretty much disappeared through ExistUp Reboot.


ExistUp Reboot was recommended to me after a month long illness. Deanna did a fantastic job getting me back to good health. She was instrumental in support for nutrition and whole food nutrition supplements that would increase my immune system. I also started an 8 week personal training plan with Deanna. I am still energized and working on the ExistUp Reboot program. Thanks again for giving me the tools to reinvest in my health.

~ "Your very healthy client Suzanne"

I started working with Deanna in May of 2015 after I was told by my doctor that I was pre-diabetic (my glucose level of 5.7, 5.6 was the cutoff). I did one round of ExistUp Reboot and then continued off and on for the next year, incorporating the ExistUp Reboot basics into my diet.  I went back to my doctor in July of 2016 to test my levels again and I am happy to say I my glucose level is now 5.2 (not pre-diabetic!). The Reboot philosophy and basics (with occasional cheat days) does work!

~ "Addy"

I cannot tell you how completely amazed we are at the results of ExistUp Reboot!  We are truly transformed and what a gift you have given us.  Thank you Deanna....we would have never known to this extent, the evil side of eating if it wasn't for you!  

Glen started at 182 and is now 168.  I started at 117 and am now 111 pounds.  We will continue all the supplements (green lemonade, Spirulina, probiotics, iodine etc) as well as the power foods. 

~ "Jenn"

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