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Shampoo - Loaded w/ the goodness of organic, healing essential oils that strengthen & grow your hair. This hydrating shampoo offers gentle cleansing & promotes scalp health w/out stripping your hair off natural oils. It's a key to growing long, strong & healthy hair! The unique blend of raw organic Shea Butter w/ Sea Kelp & Argan Oil aids in moisture retention & softens & smoothens damaged, coarse & brittle hair. This is a clarifying hair care treatment specially designed to gently cleanse & remove product build-up. It hydrates hair from deep w/in, so your dry, brittle & coarse tresses become smooth, frizz-free, & enviously bouncy.

Conditioner - counters the challenges of moisture-resistant dry, damaged hair. Its unique formula is made w/ raw Shea butter that deeply penetrates while restoring dry scalp & hair. It has Sea Kelp for mineral-rich nutrition that seals & smoothes hair cuticles, while Argan Oil restores shine & helps promote hair elasticity. The result is a deep conditioning hair care treatment that helps restore health & shine to over-processed hair, to ensure your strands are soft, shiny, moisturized & resilient. Use it as a leave-in or rinse out conditioner that detangles, moisturizes, repairs & restores lifeless, damaged hair.

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