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Did you know that diatomaceous earth is safe for human consumption (and actually beneficial) but will kill any insect with an exoskeleton?  


What would it take for all of us to sprinkle it on our tick infested properties and slow down the tick population in your area???  It is super inexpensive and is perfectly safe for us and our pets and it will kill ticks, fleas and ants!  

What about sprinkling it right on your pet to kill fleas and ticks rather than the horrible chemical alternative systemic pesticides we are putting on and in our beloved little friends!!   Did you know that people who raise chickens, and take care of them well provide the chickens with a mix of  sand and diatomaceous earth that the chickens fluff their feathers with to keep them free of fleas!

Several years ago I started asking the question, what would it take to change this whole tick thing?  I thought about guinea hens, but that wasn't practical for me.  This is a piece of pure brilliance and I am grateful that it has come into my awareness again so that together we can make a difference for our pets, the animals of the forest, and ourselves as we protect ourselves and our children from tick born illnesses.  Don't stay inside! Make your outside a safe pest free sanctuary with all of the recommended Lawn and Garden Products :-)

Protect your home from ants by sprinkling the perimeter with diatomaceous earth. You can also treat obvious areas of infestation in home, right in your food cupboards, safely, remember, diatomaceous is beneficial for human consumption.  More on that later!!

** Please do not kill ants on purpose outside! That is there home and they are beneficial to our Earth:-)  They also have built enormous empires of there own and it is unfair to kill them when they are doing no harm and where they belong...outside :-)  

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