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This water filter does so much more than make your water taste better!  First, it filters out 99% of toxins, parasites and bacteria from the water (including chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides etc).  Next it Ionizes and Alkalinizes the water, making it an antioxidant (ionized) and anti-inflammatory (alkalinized)  and lastly, it mineralizes the water, adding back in essential minerals that not only make the water taste better, but that are some of the micronutrients that keep us healthy. 


The coolest thing about this filter, is that for around $100 and does several jobs that systems costing thousands of dollars each only cover one issue! 


The Zen Water Filter comes in several sizes, I recommend buying the biggest one you have space for as as you do have to fill it regularly. Again, I love it. I suppose that goes without saying if the product made it onto our site:-)

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