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Deanna's Mission
Deanna's Mission

To live and model a truly healthy lifestyle, as close to nature as possible in nutrition, fitness and spirit. To reach my fullest potential in all endeavors, always expanding that possibility, and inspire others to do the same.

Deanna' Story
Deanna's Story

I worked at a Northern Pines, a holistic health resort for two years when I was a teenager. Although I didn't realize it at the time, that is where I found the truth about nutrition, exercise in nature and spiritual awareness.  I then promptly forgot all that I had experienced, became an X-ray tech, smoker and generally unhealthy eater for 10+ years.  I suffered many afflictions in my twenties, including irritable bowel syndrome, depression, lack of energy, chronic abdominal pain and eventually a herniated disc in my lower back.  


The herniated disc really slowed me down and forced upon me the realization that I needed to change my health, and my lifestyle so that I could continue working, and have the energy that I wanted to raise my then 5 year old son. I guess you could say this is when I started to ExistUp.  


I began reciting an affirmation, I am happy, I am healthy, I am energetic, I am whole.  I opened a wellness center and began to concentrate my efforts on my physical and spiritual awareness through exercise, yoga and meditation.  Over the course of the next few years I studied to become an Exercise Physiologist and began working with clients to teach them fitness. Within a very short time I realized that the missing piece might be the most important, nutrition. 


I completed my first cleanse and found that I did not have IBS and chronic abdominal pain, but am actually gluten intolerant. I began researching nutrition, superfood nutrition and the current state of the food industry. I started to think back at the things that I learned at the health resort.  Even the thought of Northern Pines brought back the smells and tastes of real, organic, delicious foods, juice fasting and superfoods that I had not consumed or thought about in years.  


My research deepened and I delved into the benefits of superfoods like chia, aloe, turmeric, maca, chlorophyll and cacao.  As my knowledge increased, I began sharing it and created TL2 Reboot, a 28 day program to clean eating.  I studied to become a clinical weight loss practitioner with several short courses in nutrition and herbal medicine.  I continued to learn every day. Part of my research became following the health of my clients as they got well, no longer consuming toxic foods, and using superfoods to support their health.  Hundreds of my clients have been able to decrease or cease taking pharmaceutical medicines, simply by changing the foods they eat.


At the same time that I was working on nutritional and emotional wellness, I continued to work on my physical training. In 2010 I started competing in road races, first with 5K distance and building up to marathons and triathlons.  Never having competed in my life, I had no idea what I was capable of. As a former two pack a day smoker, I was pleased that I could run competitively at all!  


In 2013 I competed in my first obstacle course race and realized that this was it, a perfect balance between nature and running that pushed my physical and emotional thresholds.  At that moment, my mindset changed from “I can do this pretty well!”  to  “If I can do this, what else can I do?”.  It has been the most life changing question. Leaving myself open to that question has changed not only how I look at my own potential, but everyone else's as well.


The utter change in my physical, nutritional, emotional and spiritual well being has led me to develop an even deeper relationship with my family, friends and clients, showing them that anything is possible and that lives can change with true knowledge of nutrition, dedication to a lifestyle of clean eating, clean living and exercise.


As a mother, knowing the statistics on the state of health in America, with the diabetes, obesity, cancer and many other inflammatory diseases increasing annually and reaching epidemic proportions, I was thrilled to learn experientially that food can be medicine or food can be poison.  My excitement has grown with each success story. 


From the fitness perspective, helping people to exceed their personal goals is extremely rewarding. From an emotional and spiritual perspective, helping people to change their mindsets to one of growth and peace rather than trauma and drama with EFT, Reiki and Bars is amazing.  And from a nutrition perspective,  helping people have life changing turns in their health is truly the magic.  


The realization that anyone can change their health from the cellular level up with just a few changes in what they consume and refuse to consume, has driven me to share more and more.  Every person on this planet should be privy to this information!  This is the basis of  


Join us,  Learn to live to your fullest potential!   Don't Just Live…ExistUp

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