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Super Foods



Many of the foods we eat today are full of toxins that are detrimental to our health. They promote inflammatory diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, IBS, heart disease, and even depression and anxiety.  They will prevent you from living to your fullest potential, or returning to health if you have already begun to decline (even small children have rapid decline in health from eating the typical food on the market today).  

We have removed virtually all of these toxic foods from our diet. We add in super foods, herbs and spices that are toxin free, nutrient dense, medicinal and anti-inflammatory.  With these changes our bodies can return to health from the cellular level up. Removing the toxin overload and increasing  micro-nutrition can and does begin to correct the disease processes at the cellular and even the mitochondrial level, and the great news is these foods taste awesome! Worst case scenario, you eat great tasting food that has no ill side effects!

Superfoods, Herbs and Spices and Whole Food Nutrition Supplements combat disease, they contribute to ideal body weight, they boost energy levels. They will help you to live to your fullest potential, to live at a higher level.    

These super foods will help you to ExistUp!!!

Here you will find a list of what super foods we take and a brief note why.  This is the science, we find it fascinating, we think you will too!  Click on the image to learn more about each product, and find a link the vendor we  we purchase these foods from.  Most of these products will com from, so you can use your Amazon Prime membership to have them shipped directly to your door for free!

Many of these super foods are vital components of ExistUp Reboot (our 28 day true nutrition/detox program). Please read a bit about each and you may find that it only makes sense to add chocolate back into your life (in the form of raw cacao).  It is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet after all.

Raw Cocao Powder
Chia Seeds
Organic Raw Cacao Powder
Chia Seeds
Nutiva Protein Powder
Goji Berries
Liquid Chlorophyll
organic goji berries
organic spirulina
liquid chlorophyll
Tart Cherry Juice
Lemon Juice
Aloe Vera Liquid
aloe vera juice
orgaic tart cherry juice
Coconut Oil
organic coconut oil
Raw Almonds
Flax Seeds
organic flax seeds
Raw Cocao Nibs
Organic Cacao Nibs
organic coconut milk
Organic Coconut Milk
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