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  • Deanna Mccormack

Decrease Your Plastic Footprint!!

Take a look at this video from the Plastic Pollution Coalition, it may inspire you to make a few simple changes in your daily routines that over the course of your life really would add up to a mountain of plastic.

Most of us are not very aware of our plastic use, the thought rarely enters our minds unless we are at the grocery store and we forgot our reusable bags. Being aware is the first step to change it!


We challenge you to notice how many pieces of plastic waste you produce in one day. From the moment you wake up until your head hits your pillow tomorrow, take note of all the single use plastic you use, including that which you will recycle. Keep a running tally, and then multiply that by 365 to get a picture of what your annual plastic footprint is!

By not mindlessly using plastic, most people could cut their use dramatically!

What if we all made a conscious effort? Think of what an enormous collective impact we could have!

Remember, Don't Just Live... ExistUp!

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