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Success Story - Stage IV Prostate Cancer - Metastasized to Bone

The following November a close friend of ours, a young, healthy, fit 45 year old, called Kiaran and told him that he was diagnosed (by digital exam in the ER) with an extremely enlarged prostate, and was told it was likely prostate cancer. He made an appointment at the oncology center in Boston, but wanted to know what Kiaran and I would do if we were handed this probable diagnosis. He came over the next day and sat with me, and I had my first official Nutrition Therapy appointment. He was catheterized because his prostate was so enlarged that he could not urinate, which was the painful condition that brought him to the ER in the first place.

He immediately began TL2 Reboot and started taking all of the SuperFoods and Super Herbs that I suggested. These are not whacky expensive things that I sell, they are not manufactured in labs, they are things like raw cacao (chocolate), chia seeds, chlorophyll, turmeric, a blend of 7 mushrooms, milk thistle etc.

Before he was able to get in to the oncology clinic in Boston on Thursday of that week, he began to leak urine around his catheter. This is because with just TL2 Reboot (no right spin sugars or GMOs) and the few superfoods that he had gotten on board, his prostate was shrinking enough to allow the passage of urine (in this case, around the catheter) By the following week, with no medical intervention, the catheter had to be removed as his prostate had shrunken so much. He went though a biopsy, blood work and a PET scan and was diagnosed with Stage IV metastasized prostate cancer. So this means his cancer was no longer localized to the prostate, it had spread to 4 lesions in his bones, one of them was quite large located in his femur. To throw some numbers out there he was a 9 of 10 on the Gleason scale that ranks cancers severity, and his PSA was 186 (normal is below 8) He was basically told to get his affairs in order, and they were not even ready to explore radiation, chemo or surgery because it was that bad, too late really. He continued to eat right and also had begun to visualize his healthy cells eating his cancer cells. He continued to get better and better.

3 months after diagnosis, still with no medical intervention he had all the tests repeated. His prostate was near normal in size now, he had dropped down to a 4 on the Gleason scale if I remember correctly and his PSA was in the 80s. He received a hormone shot at this point to lower his testosterone levels, a standard treatment for prostate cancer. They began at to explore the options of radiation, chemo or surgery. As a young man, engaged to be married that summer, surgery really seemed like a no go, but the others were still on the table. His children pressed him to do everything he could medically to save his life, they didn't want to lose their father!! He and his fiancé sat with me multiple times and we were able to see how well this was all working, and agreed to keep doing what he was doing and wait and see. If nothing else, he was feeling better than he ever had in his adult life, and good nutrition was never going to hurt him. Six weeks after that, at his next appointment to retest everything, his PSA had come down to 16, three of the 4 mets (bone cancer) were no longer visible on PET scan and the 4th, large one in his femur had been reduced by 50% in size. He was no longer on the Gleason scale at all. They made another follow up appointment for 6 weeks later, wanting to see his PSA drop below 8 where it would be considered normal. Remember, the only medical intervention he had had at this point was a hormone shot, which could and definitely did improve his prostate, the PSA number. The hormone shot could not effect the metastasis though, that was definitely 100% Nutrition Therapy that did that.

He kept visualizations up, kept eating right, became even more of an inspiration to our town than he already was, and that is saying a lot, he is one of the most beloved members of our community for his selfless devotion to all of the children and their families for years. Six weeks later when he went back for his follow up he was given bad news, his PSA was rising agin, back to 32. They set up a plan to begin chemo right away. His fiancé remembered that he was due for his hormone shot, and questioned the team of doctors asking if this could be the reason for the rise, they scoffed at her. Realized that they were supposed to have also had him on a hormone support pill the whole time to follow that first shot, but they had forgotten to give it to him. They reported the hormone shot, didn't admit their mistake, and gave him the hormone support pill.

The next week, prior to beginning chemo, he had his PSA run one more time, it was down to 8. They went ahead with chemo anyway. He flew through chemo with flying colors. Not sick like all of the other chemo patients. He didn't even suffer with mild nausea. From chemo he went directly into a round of radiation therapy. To be perfectly honest, I was sad to see him go this route after all the success he had had with nutrition therapy and the hormone shot alone, but it is a very personal decision, and I supported he and his fiancé completely, with the knowledge that his health was so stellar that he would make it through these treatments that sometimes kill other people because they are so sick going in.

He flew through his radiation therapy as well, and although his skin lost its healthy pallor that he had had from the first days of TL2 Reboot, he came out the other side of his medical treatments with a huge smile on his face and married his beautiful wife last August. Healthy and happy and done with all of it.

He continued to eat clean and live clean, minus a few indiscretions here and there and three weeks ago (6 months after finishing his final treatment) was declared by his medical team to be cancer free! Not in remission, cancer free! I prefer to call it perfectly healthy :-)

I have so many more stories of clients and friends that I have shown how to support their nutrition that have escaped the odds with breast cancer (3 to be exact) alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s, reverse out of Stage IV Alzheimers and many more. Nutrition Therapy is for terminally ill individuals, or individuals that are far too young for their diagnosis to live with the pharmaceutical treatment such as a 40 year old woman diagnosed with an atypical presentation of Parkinson’s, likely caused by Accutane (a horrifically dangerous medicine to help clear up acne) and a a 9 year old with diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at 6. Doctors had never done studies to check if this child had food allergies, despite the mothers questions. They told her that ulcerative colitis was an autoimmune disease, not inflammatory, and at 9 they prescribed an immunosuppressant that was known to cause cancer. He was 9!!! Mom said no, and came to visit me. I am happy to report that removing gluten from his diet and beginning chiropractic adjustments was all this little guy needed and he is healing nicely and off most of his pharmaceutical medicines now :-)

It may seem hard to do, but the True Science behind True Nutrition will help you to understand not only what you should avoid eating but why. With this knowledge comes see and joy with selecting, preparing and eating Real Food, not just twigs and berries, but foods you love, and that make you feel good and heal your body from the cellular level up. How does it get any better than that?

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