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How ExistUp Nutrition Therapy Was Born

All disease processes begin at the cellular level. Some time in your past, or even your mother’s past, something went wrong at the cellular level and that was the beginning of this “disease” process. It is a process!!! After years of continuing to do that “wrong” thing, symptoms begin to appear.

You may have wondered what you were doing to cause these symptoms, or if it is age or heredity catching up. At some point, the symptoms you have been having get bad enough, or numerous enough that you see your physician. If enough of your symptoms line up with a particular disease, you get a diagnosis! There are now several options that your physician, who is educated in pharmaceutical medicine can now prescribe to alleviate these symptoms. Take a pill to fix an ill. That is the education of western medicine practitioners, also known as allopathic medicine. (Food Matters - Documentary Movie has a fantastic perspective on this!)

Pharmaceutical medicine will likely suppress the symptoms to a satisfactory level and "control" the disease. Sometimes it doesn’t, and your doctor will prescribe a different medicine that might work better for you. The likelihood is that there are several pharmaceutical options for your ailment, because pharmaceutical medicine is a multi billion dollar business.

Taking pharmaceutical medicine to suppress the symptoms of your diagnosed disease, may begin to cause the common known side effects of that medicine. Often times this leads to a second or third medication to suppress the symptoms of the side effect. And so it begins, the ever increasing list of pharmaceutical medications to control symptoms and to decrease the side effects of the meds you are taking.

Likely at no point does your medical doctor take a look at what went wrong at the cellular level and begin to correct that. This is where True Nutrition and ExistUp Nutrition Therapy come in! With ExistUp Nutrition Therapy you remove some or all of the irritants (food toxins, emotional toxins, environmental toxins, topical toxins, and eventually even some or all of the medicinal toxins). Removing the irritants is the first step in healing from the cellular level up.

Then we ask the question: Body, what do you require at the cellular level to begin to function properly again? Much like your car needing gas and oil to run, your cells need specific things to make them function properly, or at all.

What do all cells need to function properly?

  • Clean food with no man made toxins added at any stage of growth or production

  • Clean body products so that carcinogens and neurotoxins are not absorbed through the skin (Check your products free on the Think Dirty App!)

  • Clean water and as much clean air as possible!

  • Clean Micro-nutrition - aka vitamins and minerals

  • Clean Macro-nutrition - aka fat, protein, carbohydrates

Every single cell of your body needs Magnesium and Vitamin D to function, did you know that? Every single cell!!! All cells need other things to run as well, but all cells have that in common.

For example, your thyroid requires Magnesium, Vitamin D and Iodine among other things, to function. If there is an iodine deficiency, which most people have, other detrimental things fit into the iodine receptor site, like chlorine, bromine and fluoride (found in water and wheat flour products). These items do not belong there and begin to cause thyroid malfunction. At the cellular level, this basic deficiency can eventually cause toxicity from the other things that fit in the receptor sites. So your malnutrition from iodine hinders thyroid function and toxicity is allowed to remain in those thyroid cell receptor sites, therefor something just went wrong at the cellular level with your thyroid in two ways!!

Lets keep using your thyroid as an example. Basic malnutrition of this one micro-nutrient iodine, causes the beginning stages of thyroid malfunction. Left unchecked, eventually thyroid malfunction will manifest as symptoms that will eventually lead to a diagnosis. There are many options for diagnosis here, not just hypothyroidism, which is what you might assume. That is certainly an option, but how about starting before that, with a diagnosis of obesity, or Type II diabetes. These “diseases” are actually the beginning symptoms of thyroid dysfunction.

Did you catch that?

Obesity and Type II Diabetes are symptoms of malnutrition.

ExistUp Nutrition Therapy looks at what all of the cells of your body require, and how to get those micronutrients into our systems. Basically, if we are suffering from malnutrition, and it has manifested as symptoms and turned into a disease process, we need to correct the malnutrition! Easy!! It is not a bunch of pills that bring these micro-nutrients, it is food! But it is not fake, man made, chemical laden, nutrient deficient food! That will not bring about health! That is what likely caused the problem in the first place!

When you Eat Real Food, that grows in clean soil, or consume animal protein from animals raised on real food grown in clean soil, your body gets real nutrition with none of the toxins! Unfortunately, we are typically nutrient deficient from years of eating nutrient deficient food. Do not believe the label on foods that have been fortified with vitamins and minerals is the same as eating real food that naturally contains those nutrients. If a food has been fortified, it means that it had no real nutritional value so they had to throw some vitamins and minerals in there to convince you that it is good for you!! Cereal is a prime example of this!

I am going to digress and tell you a quick story, classic Deanna.

I used to believe that Fruity Pebbles were good for me, and they were freaking delicious so I ate a lot of them! That was back when I was a 2 pack a day smoker who had suffered from chronic constipation since I was 16 or 17 years old. Bowel movements once a week were normal for me. If I went longer than a week I would take a laxative. At 23 I was hospitalized with a bowel obstruction, for those of you who have a medical background, it was an ileus, which is to say that the obstruction had no visible cause on radiographic studies. So it was not fecal impaction of the large intestine, it was an obstruction in the small intestine with no visible cause.

Following colonoscopy and many visits to surgeons and internists at the top of their field, I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and given a pharmaceutical medicine to take for the rest of my life to alleviate the symptoms. Food never was questioned, and although I asked, repeatedly, the only sound advice I did get was to increase my fiber intake.

I chose Citrucel because I liked the flavor of the orange one that was loaded with sugar. I had a sweet tooth that was unrivaled! I stuck with Citrucel for years, and didn't take the pharmaceutical medicine after the first week because it made me feel like I would poop my pants all morning after taking it, and that was not something I wanted to deal with while rushing around the X-Ray department where I worked at the time.

I began having stomach aches that were so bad that I could not get out of bed some days, and not because I hadn't pooped, the Citrucel was actually working pretty well to control the symptom of constipation! The belly pain seemed to be related to over eating, or what I thought at the time, was over eating carbohydrates. Easy enough, I stopped eating them! And I lost weight when I did. I thought this was super cool, and began living life the Atkins way, but the completely unhealthy version. I maintained my size 2 figure eating very few carbohydrates, smoking 2 packs a day and exercising. I had only one part of that equation correct, exercise. So my diet controlled my weight and somehow it controlled my abdominal pain too! Bonus!

This has turned into my history with how I learned experientially about Nutrition Therapy. When I was in my 30s I tried my first true elimination diet, removing gluten, diary, sugar, animal protein, soy, corn, artificial anything blah, blah. Essentially, I existed on the twigs and berries that you are now afraid I am going to tell you you have to exist on to ExistUp. It was a great elimination, although harder than strictly necessary to get the answer I required, which was this. I am Gluten Intollerant!! That is the answer I should have gotten when I was 23 from all those brilliant doctors that were taking care of me who I believed knew best.

With this one piece of knowledge I began to really change my life, and I began to develop TL2 Reboot, which is a much easier 28 Day elimination program combined with TRUE NUTRITION. TL2 Reboot teaches you the Truth and Lies so you can make wise decisions based on facts for you and your family. Click here to learn more about TL2 Reboot.

With years of research, experience, leading hundreds of my friends, families, clients and strangers through TL2 Reboot, classes, certifications, more experiences, more success stories, more people curing diseases with food I began to really put it together. That is when my mother called me and told me that my step father had been diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer, but was refusing medical treatment until after they spent the summer in Maine with me. They moved in with me, and I had my first Nutrition Therapy client.

If you choose to read this success story, please click to my next BLOG post, or if you had read enough let me leave you with this...

The moral of the story with True Nutrition, and ExistUp Nutrition Therapy is this:

Eat Real Food and only Real Food to live to your fullest potential, and ExistUp.

TL2 Reboot True Nutrition 28 Day Program

Think Dirty App

Food Matters Documentary

Shea Moisture

Shea Baby

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