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1st ExistUp Nutrition Therapy Success Story - Stage IV Prostate Cancer

Paul's Story

After years of research, life experience, leading hundreds of my friends, families, clients and strangers through TL2 Reboot and hearing their experiences, classes, certifications, more life experiences, more success stories, and more people curing diseases with food I had a great grip on what is this thing that I have named True Nutrition!

After several years of success with living and teaching TL2 Reboot and True Nutrition, my mother called me and told me that my step father had been diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer. He is a young man and the cancer was bulging. Prostate cancer normally grows very slowly, but because of his age, and it's stage, his doctors all agreed that he needed medical intervention right away.

Paul refused medical treatment until after they spent the summer in Maine with me, which had always been the plan. They moved in with me, and I had my first ExistUp Nutrition Therapy client.

Eat Real Food and Only Real Food to live to your fullest potential, and ExistUp.

I made a deal with Paul on the first day they arrived, you build me a deck and I will feed you! I took him through TL2 Reboot, we lived it for the entire summer with me cooking:-) Every day I made him fresh juices and smoothies with superfoods that I knew would support his health by curing his malnutrition. I made him Green Lemonade and helped him build when I wasn't training clients or working in my organic garden. I fed him all summer and he built me a beautiful deck. He also became a close friend, as we shared stories about our pasts over fruit smoothies and vegetable curries, his past is really cool, he has a ton of amazing stories from when he used to work in Hollywood building movie sets!

At the end of the summer he went back to Florida, and although his PSA was almost back to normal, he had promised his MD that he would have radiation therapy on his return, so true to his word, and despite the changes he had had from changing his diet, his doctor insisted it was the right thing to do. Armed with the information and experience that he had had all summer, feeling better than he ever had in his life, with more energy and a glow on his skin that can only be brought about by true nutrition, he asked his radiation oncologist, his primary care physician and the other doctor on his cancer team, if there was anything he could do nutritionally to support himself through radiation therapy. All 3 doctors rolled there eyes and said “No.”

Paul underwent radiation therapy Monday - Friday for 8 weeks, and amazed the doctors, nurses and entire team at the oncology center with his sustained health and vitality throughout his treatments. They did not attribute it to his nutrition, they gave credit to their new pin point radiation therapy unit that was causing less damage. This may or may not be true, but the other patients were not fairing as well. The bowl of candy bars on the counter enraged my mother, who understand that the only food for cancer is right spin sugar. She asked the receptionist why there was a bowl of candy rather than a bowl of fruit, and with a patronizing tone she informed my mother that" These cancer patients needed to keep up their strength, and deserved the pick me up that they get from a nice chocolate treat after radiation! "

If you are a person who has been diagnosed with cancer, you have likely had a PET scan. A PET scan is a radiology study in which they inject a radioactive isotope of sugar into the veins of the patient and are able to then see if cells around the body pick up the sugar isotope. If there are areas around the body that have a rapid uptake of this sugar isotope, it exposes the film essentially, so they can see where it is collecting. This is because cancer is extremely vascular, and it also LOVES sugar! Cancer cells will grab sugar out of your blood stream faster than you can say sugar! Why do I tell you this? Because the very tool that doctors use to find cancer, is the food for it, the only food for it, and they know it!!! Sugar Feeds Cancer, Period.

I do not believe that it is with malevolence that oncology doctors say that there is nothing you can do nutritionally to fight cancer, but they should at least be able to put two and two together and let you know that sugar is what feeds it, and not have a bowl of candy on the counter for a quick pick me up after your treatment!

Paul had a diet plan given to him by his radiation oncologist, to prepare for and use during radiation therapy of his prostate, which is typically extremely irritating to the bowels. This diet protocol consisted of white bread, white rice, white potatoes and he was specifically to avoid nuts, seeds, berries and anything with high fiber. I told him to throw that paper away and keep doing exactly what he had learned all summer. He did just that and came though radiation with flying colors.

Paul still eats mostly clean today, with the occasional indiscretions when my mom isn't looking, and I am happy to report that he is completely healthy. Did the radiation cure his cancer? No, it could not possibly correct what went wrong at the cellular level years before! I personally doubt that it did anything at all, but at the very least, his nutrition supported his health through the trauma of radiation therapy and that is a win :-)

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