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ExistUp is founded by Kiaran and Deanna McCormack


Our Mission


It is our mission to guide our community to be the best they can be, to live to their fullest potential and ExistUp.


In keeping with this mission we will uncover the truths and explore the myths about what society is told by mainstream media.


We will provide accurate information to guide our audience in making choices that will benefit their health, wellbeing, and athletic performance. 


Our Story


For many years we have worked as exercise physiologists, guiding our clients to live to their fullest potential. We model all of the behaviors we teach and have helped countless people to attain levels of health, wellbeing and athletic performance that they never thought possible.


The truths that we have discovered, implemented, experienced and taught along the way have been integral to us reaching greater possibilities and we realized that this was often not mainstream information. This realization led us to create ExistUp, to share what we have learned with a wider audience.


ExistUp will serve as a portal to provide knowledge and insights into the world of health, wellbeing and athletic performance.  We will answer some common questions, share success stories and what led to them, provide real world solutions to  will help you live and perform to your fullest potential, and ExistUp.


Kiaran's Bio

Kiaran is an athlete who has performed at a high level all his life, beginning in Ireland where he played soccer, gaelic football and track and held many national titles. He came to the United States on a full boat D1 soccer scholarship and earned his degree in Kinesiology, graduating international student of the year. Subsequently Kiaran earned his Masters in Exercise Science with a focus on Corrective Exercise. 


His passion to compete eventually led him to the world of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) where he quickly gained national ranking in both the Spartan Stadium and Outdoor Series. He now enjoys participating in CrossFit and trail running (with his running buddy, Turner our yellow lab).


Throughout his life and with all of his athletic endeavors, Kiaran has had the drive to live to his fullest potential. His exercise and nutrition far exceed the norm and with this expertise he has developed programs that have quantifiable results.  He has the same drive and reliability in each area of his life as: athlete, exercise physiologist, small business owner, soccer coach, mentor and friend.  He has lived it, has the education, the knowledge, the skill set, and the desire to help you to live to your fullest potential, and ExistUP.

Education, Qualifications & Certifications
  • ACSM Exercise Physiologist

  • ACSM Health Fitness Specialist

  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • MS in Exercise Science

  • BS in Kinesiology


Deanna's Bio

Deanna is a mother, wife, doggie lover, successful small business owner, and insurance agent. She is a former 2 pack a day smoker who thought fortified fruity pebbles were healthy. Through her life experience she has transformed herself to become an Elite Obstacle Course Racer, Exercise Physiologist and wellness expert.


Her personal mission with is to provide the tools and information for you and your family to live to your fullest potential. Deanna provides recipes, and product recommendations that you can trust. She has developed programs for all your nutritional, and life needs. Through Deanna can guide you to live to your fullest potential, and ExistUp.


Want to know more about Deanna, click here to read Deanna’s personal mission and story.

Education, Qualifications & Certifications
  • ACSM Health Fitness Specialist

  • ACSM Exercise Physiologist

  • HSA Clinical Weight Loss and Nutrition Practitioner

  • IMU EFT Level iI Certified Practitioner

  • Reiki II

  • Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner

Thanks to Kiaran  for getting me back on track to a more fit healthy lifestyle. 


Thank you Deanna for a manageable no regrets way of eating healthy through ExistUp Reboot.


Many more pounds to go so I can keep up with my teenager!

~ Brendan Bean, Technology Engineer/Consultant at Bean Data. Dad and OCR  athlete

My son Myles, who is crazy into soccer, had managed bouts of severs and osgood schlatters starting around age 10 but really began to struggle with persistent growth issues when he was 13.  At the recommendation of one of his soccer coaches at Seacoast United we ended up reaching out to Kiaran to help him work through these growth related pains through tailored workouts very specific to his issues.  For the last three years Kiaran has continually created age appropriate trainings as Myles has grown, created off season programs, worked Myles through minor injuries related to his growth issues with minimal impact to his season, run club mandated workouts, worked on finishing and technique, and even provided nutritional advice.  While the growth issues are finally starting to lessen I am convinced that Kiaran's work with Myles likely prevented more serious injuries during this challenging time.  Kiaran has become a trusted go-to for Myles whenever he needs advice or help - which as a parent without any knowledge in this arena is a huge relief!

~ Catherine Culley. Mom of Myles Culley, MLS Philadelphia Union academy soccer player

As I sit to think of a testimonial for Kiaran at ExistUP I start to get overwhelmed. The short, to the point ones read best, but I feel that I have so much to say. He has literally changed my life. He has guided be me from a non-runner couch potato in 2017 to completion of 6 Spartan Race Trifectas* in 2019. The improvement I see in my performance in each race is due to the skills I've acquired from Kiaran. I have put in hours of hard-work, with his carefully planned workouts and obstacle specific training has made my races such a success. He's answered everything I've ever asked, even the smallest thing and "fixed me" when i've injured myself. As the years have passed the races now leave me less sore than his workouts, he is constantly challenging me to be the best that I can be. I have many more personal goals for obstacle course racing, and I know I can hit them with Kiaran's constant encouragement and support.


"Thank you Kiaran, for everything you've done to help me turn my physical goals to reality."

~ Kelly Hill, Busy Mom. and Obstacle Course Race athlete

ExistUp Reboot was recommended to me after a month long illness. Deanna did a fantastic job getting me back to good health. She was instrumental in support for nutrition and whole food nutrition supplements that would increase my immune system. I also started an 8 week personal training plan with Deanna. I am still energized and working on the ExistUp Reboot program. Thanks again for giving me the tools to reinvest in my health.

~ "Your very healthy client Suzanne"

John Wooden once said “A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life.” 

Kiaran is the epitome of a great coach. He has been coaching my 15 year old son, Michael, for nearly a decade. Kiaran’s sessions are consistently well-organized, fun, and tailored to meet Michael’s personalized goals. Kiaran is committed to excellence - always motivating Michael to be his best, but in a respectful and kind manner. Michael leaves every session with a big smile and the desire to return for his next challenge. Kiaran is knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated. Over the years, Kiaran has been nothing but a supportive and positive role model. Kiaran helped Michael become the strong, confident young man he is today by teaching him the true meaning of a champion. I am deeply grateful for the unforgettable impact Kiaran has made in Michael’s life.

~ Caroline Sweeney. Mom of Michael Sweeney, Spartan age group multi podium finisher

In 2017 I decided I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, and to try an obstacle course race. I enlisted the help of Kiaran at ExistUp and shortly thereafter completed my first Spartan race. Working around my crazy schedule he has helped me achieve whatever crazy goals I set myself. I've been a stubborn client at times but certainly know when I want to improve my performance, or recover from  injury I do exactly what he says. 

My goal for 2019 was to complete 10 Spartan Race Trifectas*, and compete at the Worlds Toughest Mudder (a 24 hour obstacle course race). With Kiaran's advice and knowledge I completed 10 trifectas, and completed 60 miles at Worlds Toughest Mudder.

"Thank you for all the support and advice. For anyone wanting to take the step to a new lifestyle or complete their first obstacle course race Kiaran and Deanna at ExistUp are much more than your typical trainers."

~ Jeff Hunnewell, Senior Field Technician for Extreme Engineering. Dad, and Obstacle Course Race athlete

*A Spartan Race Trifecta is earned upon completion of 3 Spartan Races at different distances: Sprint 5k, 20+ obstacles, Super 10k, 25+ obstacles, Beast 1/2 marathon, 30+ obstacles.


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