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Don't Just Live... ExistUp!!!

Don't just live, ExistUp #thisiswhatwedo

Learn how to live to your fullest potential,
and ExistUp!!!

About is founded by Deanna Hall 
*Intellectual content - Deanna Hall and spritually guided by many in truth...




It is my mission to be the best I can be, for the planet and all it's inhabitants, to do what is right, to ask questions that elicit change and to invite as many people as possible to do the same!!


In keeping with this mission we will uncover the truths and explore the myths about what society is told by mainstream media. We will learn how to stay in the question and why it is to your advantage to do so... I call this Living on Purpose.  All thought is creative, you may therefore, desire to direct your thoughts, feelings and emotions in the direction of your desires.  


I created this website to provide accurate, free information to guide any person, of any age to understand how we are all connected; to Mother Earth, to God, and to each other, like it or not, every action creates.  Our ripple effect is infinite, just look at our Oceans for confirmation!  So please.. with me... ask:


What Energy Space and Consciousness can Me and My Body Be to Create a Sustainable Living Earth for All Eternity?   


Anything that doesn't allow me to Be, Know, Receive and Perceive everything required to facilitate all that... I destroy and uncreate it!  :-)  How does it get any better than that???

Read on for free content, videos, recipes, free 28 day ExistUp Reboot including recipe book, 4 weekly videos and tons of online support and testimonials to keep you on track to change anything, with total ease!




For many years I have worked as an exercise physiologist, Health Fitness Specialist, Nutrition Therapist, EFT Practitioner, Access Consciousness Facilitator and have published several books including ExistUp Reboot.  Over the years, guiding my clients to live to their fullest potential I really began to see the power of the question:  If we can do this, what else can we do???  I started asking that of my clients and together we changed the history's that had them sick, and the futures for their families and friends as we walked down an experiential journey, away from modern medicine, and into the realms of our Native American ancestors.   


The truth, once discovered, implemented, experienced and taught along the way have been integral to hundreds of people reaching greater possibilities, escaping cancer, heart disease and many other inflammatory disease processes that they had been diagnosed with. I realized that this was not mainstream information, and that it should be free to anyone who cares to know it.  This is the basis of

Deanna's Bio

Deanna's Bio

Picture Deanna McCormack

Deanna is a mother, animal lover, organic gardener, successful small business owner,  author, founder of ExistUp Reboot and Nutrition Therapy.  In her spare time Deanna works with Disabled American Veterans to help them regain their emotional and physical health, in group and one on one settings. 


Deanna is a former 2 pack a day smoker who spent her early years with severe abdominal pain, chronic urinary tract infections, eczema, anxiety, and eventually bowel obstructions.  Through her life experience, with nutritional and emotional cleanses, meditation, breath work, exercise, gardening, mentoring and running all inclusive retreats,  she has transformed herself to become an Elite Obstacle Course Racer, Exercise Physiologist and wellness expert.


Her personal mission with is to provide the tools and information for you and your family to live to your fullest potential. Deanna provides recipes, and product recommendations that you can trust. She has developed programs for all your nutritional, and life needs. Through Deanna can guide you to live to your fullest potential, and ExistUp.


Want to know more about Deanna, click here to read Deanna’s personal mission and story.

Education, Qualifications & Certifications
  • ACSM Health Fitness Specialist

  • ACSM Exercise Physiologist

  • HSA Clinical Weight Loss and Nutrition Practitioner

  • ExistUp Nutrition Therapist

  • Published Author ExistUp Reboot 

  • ExistUp Heal Your LIfe Facilitator

  • IMU EFT Level II Certified Practitioner

  • Reiki II Practitioner

  • Access Consciousness Facilitator


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