• Kiaran McCormack

Even Our Dog Eats Clean

Turner is my running partner, confidant, snuggle buddy, and best friend. He also happens to be my 7 year old lab.

I choose to eat an organic, GMO free diet (a variation of TL2 Reboot), as I believe that this enhances my athletic performance (as an elite level obstacle course racer) and serves best to promote a healthy disease free life. 90% of the time I’m able to eat this way, however, I do make concessions based on location and what is available to eat. (Whole Foods, Chipotle, and BGood make up the majority of my race venue food choices when possible).

Over the course of my ownership of Turner, the brand of food I have given him has changed. It started with Purina from our local BJs, as I wanted to buy in bulk and save some money, plus it must be good for him as the TV commercials wouldn't lie, right?

Somewhere along the line a friend of mine told me about DogFoodAdvisor.com and when I used this website I found that the type of Purina I was giving Turner was rated 2 out of 5 stars. Now, if you are a pet owner you know that feeling of family that you develop for your pet, and 2 stars was not good enough for Turner. Saving a few dollars on poor quality dog food simply did not sit well with me. Here I was promoting (in my opinion) the most optimal diet possible and hypocritically giving one of the “people” I love the most toxic food! (Yes Turner is pretty much a person, he actually has a better personality than many people I know ; ).

From research on DogFoodAdvisor.com, and what I could purchase locally, I decided upon Blue. After a purchases of Blue from the store, I thought to myself, “I wonder does Amazon ship dog food?”, and of course they do. Blue had a rating of 4 stars our out of 5. However still had some questionable ingredients. Further research on DogFoodAdvisor.com and after several months, Turner and I decided to make a switch to Taste of the Wild, which had a 4.5 star rating. Of course Amazon sold this product as well. Turner was quiet content to have dog food shipped directly to my house. This carried on for almost a year.

Then one Spartan race day my wife Deanna got talking to one of the sponsors Nulo dog food. This food seemed awesome it had a probiotic and a myriad of nutrients and minerals that would help Turner perform at his best. We got a coupon and gave it a try.

Two bags later and it was time to purchase Turner his dog food again. Amazingly I had not looked at Nulo on DogFoodAdvisor.com, and although it received 4-5 stars the product we were giving Turner contained animal protein that was not certified Non GMO and canola oil, which is always a GMO source unless otherwise certified. We don’t consume canola oil, or any other GMO oil as they are full of chemicals used on the GMO crops, and therefore Turner decided he didn’t want to either.

At this point I decided to look for Organic, and GMO free dog food. This is the type of food my family eats and therefore Turner wanted it also. I was able to find several organic treats, but very few dog foods like this exist. The one that I found, that checked all of these boxes, was Organix, again available on good old amazon.com. Organix has a rating of 4.5 on DogFoodAdvisor.com. This is Turners food of choice for now, however, he and I will continue to research the perfect food for him.

Now some of you may say this is a lot of effort for a dog, but remember the love I have for him is like that of a family member, and I would do the same for any of them, obviously feeding them human food ; )

Turner is a Lab (Latin for food hound) and will eat pretty much anything (his favorite foods, in moderation, are lobster, grass fed steak and almonds). Although this is a study of one, the following things have happened since Turner has switched his diet and began eating clean:

  • His coat is extremely vibrant and soft (99.9% of people that meet him for the first time comment on this)

  • He no longer has doggy breath

  • He has ample energy to go on training runs (I started on a new running program, by default so has he, and he joins me on the majority of my runs. Turner runs approximately 20 miles a week, and his longest run to date has been 12 miles)

  • He is not sore the next day (he can’t verbalize this, although we do have great insightful conversations from time to time) He visually bounces back and is ready to go again the next day.

  • Even after a long run, he asks to play with a soccer ball in the back yard when we get home, he seems to have endless amounts of energy

  • He is healthy and has never been sick

  • His coat is never greasy, and he does not smell like a dog (unless he is wet, or just rolled in turkey poop… he is still a dog after all)

So for now, Turner is happy eating Organix dry dog food combined with organic, GMO free human treats. He is proud to say he eats cleaner than the majority of people in the US, and although there is an extra cost to have him to eat this way, it is far outweighed by the joy and love he brings from being the one of the fittest and healthiest dogs around.

All linked foods will take you to Amazon where you can purchase them directly. In my research this is always almost the most cost effective way to purchase this food. Of course the decision on the type of the food you give your dog (or other pet) is up to you, however, I do encourage you to try a higher quality food and see if you notice the change in your pet as I have with Turner.

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